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Dream Holiday in Brela, Croatia


Less than a week ago, we arrived home from one of the best holiday trips we've ever had as a family. It was in a country we've wanted to visit for years - beautiful Croatia! Me and my good friend Heidi booked this trip for our families about a year ago and we have been looking forward to it ever since. Our husbands are brothers so our kids are cousins, too. It's nice to travel with another close family so everyone has company and friends to play with. What a great holiday we had in a really nice rented villa with our own pool - it felt like paradise! We flew to Split, rented a car and then drove along the beautiful coast road to our holiday home destination in Brela. I still remember the excitement when we got there in this pretty small village and found our fine holiday apartment Kristic on a hillside. We were so thrilled about the amazing view and our own privacy away from other tourists and hotels that we just couldn't help but yell and jump into the pool right away! :D This first photo is from that first night when we got there and were greeted with a beautiful sunset. Yes, let the perfect holiday begin! <3

The villa Kristic consists of two separate stone house apartments with two kitchens and living rooms, three bathrooms and four bedrooms. The best parts are the pool, barbecue, balcony and terrace area for eating and chilling outside. Moreover, the sea view is stunning! This place was recommended to me by my friend and it exceeded my expectations. I miss it already and highly recommend it to anyone who wants a peaceful holiday with a group of max 10 people in the pretty, quiet and old part of Brela. This is definitely a perfect holiday home for two families. In addition, the owner Ante and his wife are really nice and welcoming people. Even though this ain't a hotel with service included, they make sure you have what you need to get your holiday started smoothly and even come to change your towels about every third day. You can read more about the apartment Kristic on their website HERE.

The apartment is only 180 meters away from sea and beaches. You only need to walk down the stairs to get to the beach. The beaches close to the Kristic apartment are one of the bests in Brela in my opinion. I used to go running by the sea and saw quite many beaches and parts of Brela and thought to myself that we were lucky to have the most peaceful and beautiful area. There are also two very good and affordable restaurants close to home by the sea so you don't need to drive anywhere for dinner. We ate often by the beach yet it's nice to have your own car to make day trips to other towns and supermarkets. I'll tell you more about our trips later.

I have so many nice photos from this trip that you will get to enjoy a series of posts in the near future. I hope that's okay with you! :)

I must say I lost a little piece of my heart to Croatia. It's a rough diamond in the Mediterranean!


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Helena kirjoitti...

Oi, otan ehdottomasti vaarin näistä vinkeistä! Kroatia on ollut lomahaaveissamme jo pidempään, potauksesi tuli kuin tilauksesta! 😊 Häikäisevän ihanaa! ❤️ Kiitos kovasti!

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