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A week in Winchester


The reason I've been absent is this....I've spent the last month or so planning a work trip and actually just came back home from England.

Thanks to the EU, our school in Finland got funding for a Comenius programme taking place in Germany, Finland, the UK, Spain and Italy in 2013-2015. As an English teacher, I was privileged to join the programme in the UK with my pupils. We arrived in London on the same day (29th) as the tube was on strike. It was quite an experience for us to try to manage and find our way to the Victoria coach station during the crush hour. However, we made it just on time and even had time to see Big Ben and use some of the underground lines. It was so pretty and green in London already, and the people so friendly and helpful!

From London, we continued our journey to a cute small town called Winchester, in which our partner school was located. The host families warmly welcomed us and we had an unforgettable week there. Winchester is truly an idyllic English town - historically significant, beautiful, family oriented and peaceful! The statue you see in the photo below represents King Arthur.

It was great to see the purpose of Comenius really happening as the kids from different countries bonded with each other and built friendships despite of the language barriers. My heart was touched by these teens - they were so brave! <3 We also had a chance to see many historical attractions like Winchester Cathedral, Jane Austen's grave, The Great Hall and the legendary Round Table of King Arthur. The stories I love became so real!

In Woodmill outdoor activity center, the pupils had many exciting activities in which they had to develop their team work skills. 

A piece of my heart was left there in the UK - gotta go back as soon as possible!

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Such a beautiful town! Ihania kuvia! :) Vielä me tehdään se meidän yhteinen reissu Britteihin. <3

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Hei, voitko kertoa minkä firman maalilla ja mikä sävynumero on tuo teidän talonne maali?

Meillä on maalausprojekti edessä ja oikeaa sävyä ei meinaa löytyä sitten millään.. Josko teidän talon väri vaikka kävisi meillekkin.

Sinulla on ihana positiivisen fiiliksen sisältämä blogi!

T. Outi

Miia kirjoitti...

Hei Outi,

Valitettavasti minulla ei ole tarkkaa koodia sillä mitatutin sävyn vanhasta kalkin maalisävystä, mutta tikkurilan kalkki sävy ei ole siitä kaukana.
Kiitos palautteesta =)

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