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Could this be the most beautiful beach in Finland?


On our way back home from Kuusamo, we stopped by in Lohtaja. It's a small town on the west coast of Finland. My husband has done a military service visit there as a young lad so we wanted to see the strand again which he remembered being beautiful. The weather was not particularly good for a beach visit as it was very windy and cloudy that day, but the scenery was breathtaking. It reminded me of my travels in New Zealand and the beaches I saw there. The atmosphere was very much like on the 90 Mile Beach in Northland even though this beach is not that long and the color of the sea is a bit different. ;) It's funny how even though these two countries, NZ and Finland, are on the opposite sides of the globe, they do have some similarities. In both, the nature is pure and vast. NZ has more sheep than people. We have more trees and lakes than people. As I'm an inland girl, seeing a sea and a beach like this makes me excited and gives me an odd feeling of freedom. A piece of my heart was left there (but the bigger portion still belongs to NZ)! <3 However, I was happy to find out that even our dear cold homeland has places like this. Places where you feel like being abroad! :)

We surely enjoyed our stay and plan to go back on a sunnier day!

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