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LOVE FROM CYPRUS comes to Finland


I made a great found - a handmade leather sandal brand called LOVE FROM CYPRUS.
It actually drew my attention in Etsy and I wanted to give it a try. These tan/gold colored Paphos sandals are so stylish, comfy and of good quality that they've become my favorite sandals for this summer. Even though we have had a rather chilly summer weather here in Finland this year (still looking forward to the hot beach weather), I have had a chance to wear these a lot lately. I love how the sandals are all leather and the color actually tans in the sun. And the tan/gold color combo is really my thing! Isn't it nice how these genuine Greek sandals can also fit in to the Finnish scenery, the land of many lakes? :)

All the products of LFC are handcrafted in Cyprus, in the Mediterranean. You can read more of the brand's story HERE. I love how the beach lifestyle has inspired the owner and designer Anastasia to produce yet stylish, street cred sandals and accessories that can be worn on many occasions and events. These sandals fit with formal dresses as well as with casual wear. They're so fine! <3

My favorite outfit for the day: LFC Paphos sandals, VILA Vitribala playsuit, SheIn Lace cardigan, Earthy grey leather bracelet from Picturing, Hip bracelet from NiittyläHome. You can find the products from the name links above.

Despite the fact that the beaches of Cyprus are too far away, I'm also very much enjoying the beautiful lake scenery here in my hometown. LOVE FROM CYPRUS keeps my feet pretty and I'm sure I will order for more pairs from this lovely brand later!

Have a sunny day!

 in co-operation with LFC

2 kommenttia:

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

You are gorgeous ❤ and I loooove your legs ;)

- Anne

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Onpa ihania sandaaleja! Täytynee laittaa tilaukseen. Onko koot mielestäsi nafteja/reiluja?
Sitten toinen kysymys, mistä teidän olohuoneen sohva on? Se näyttää tosi kivalle ja meillä uuden sohvan hankinta tulossa, siksi varmaan kiinnitän huomiota nyt kaikkien sohviin :)

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